Yes I used the word Jihad! Many may run away from the word because its quickly associated with mass murdering and terrorism. I suppose I’ll be the one to break it to ya, the word Jihad means : struggle. If you are one of the few that haven’t heard of the term being used in the media and were to search the word- I’m pretty confident you will run into anti-islam sites trying to define the word to you. They have their opinion and that is fine, I understand that they were either brainwashed by media, an islamaphobe, or simply full of hatred towards Islam or muslims.

The greatest Jihad is striving to live a moral and virtuous life. To accomplish something in life, to go out of your way to help someone. To exhert energy in stopping evil. The greatest evil lies within oneself. This struggle and fight back against this evil is the greatest form of Jihad.

The term Jihad also means to stand up for justice against an oppressor. To defend ones homeland. A perfect example of this is back in 1978 when Russia decided to invade Afghanistan and spread communism. The mujahideen (people of jihad) stood up against the forceful communist party of the Soviet Union. With the aid of the US as far as weaponry, they were able to secure their homeland. It was a shocking defeat! The whole world was stunned at the courageous and strong willed people of Afghanistan. Where did this mighty courage come from? It came from their hearts, something that felt just so right and favored  in the eyes of God. They put their lives on the line to do what was right and good. Their wisdom and strength came from the very understanding its an act of Jihad. They were to fight back, not allow a superpower try to wipe out its people and take over its land. That the only supreme power is the almighty God himself. Russia at the time was also a threat to America, which is why the aid was there. Unfortunately, no post-war rebuilding of the country.

Regardless of your religion, race, gender, you have your own inner daily struggles and life struggles that you worry about. This is Jihad. I’m talking about our everyday battle, whether its to quit smoking ciggarrettes, drinking or just becoming more spiritual, you are in a state of Jihad at all time with yourself.  The word itself is an Arabic word, it’s the meaning of the term that should be fully understood and reflected upon. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.